Hilary Grist

Tomorrow is a Chance to Start Over – New Children's Book/Album


Tomorrow is a Chance to Start Over:

‘Beautifully produced, fully engaging, and thoroughly ‘child friendly’, Tomorrow Is a Chance to Start Over is impressively entertaining and highly recommended.’
-Children’s Bookwatch

‘Heartwarming songs for the whole family to enjoy together.’

‘Need it, want it, gotta have it! An adorable bedtime storybook.’ 
-Parents Canada

‘Ostensibly a children’s record but, realistically, lullabies for adults. Seductive, serene. It’s a lovely record inside a stylish book. Grist is a talented songwriter and the CD is just too good not to be heard outside whatever confines exist for children’s books/music.’
-The Province 

Tomorrow is a Chance to Start Over might be intended for children, but adults alike can find themselves relating to the charming concept and harmonious production that the album stands by…a breezy, affable songwriter, who truly spins magic out of chords…a delightful discovery…a sublimely talented woman.’

‘This relaxing book with accompanying CD is a great way to bond with your kids and put everyone in a peaceful mood. Tomorrow is a Chance to Start Over is great for them and the story is even a good reminder for me because tomorrow really is is a chance to start over.’
-A Nation Of Moms

‘This book and CD is a family favourite at our house at the moment. Hilary’s singing and speaking voice (she narrates the story) are so soothing, I have a hard time not nodding off as we turn the pages. It is so completely beautiful and something I would recommend again and again for a baby shower gift.’
-Mama Naturale

‘Everything from the colours on the pages, to the smooth flow of the text to the ethereal music creates an atmosphere of relaxation and sleepiness.  It all comes together to create a perfect bedtime experience for little ones.’
-Frugal Mom Eh

​’Tomorrow is a Chance to Start Over is one of the year’s best new releases for children.’
-Phil’s Picks 

‘The title track is one of the most gorgeous songs you’ll hear all year, for kids or not. Its message of dropping worries, that tomorrow is, well, a chance to start over, is reassuring for sleepyheads of all ages — it’s a lovely collection of songs, with some memorable images to match. Definitely recommended.’

The smooth flow of the text and beautiful music makes ‘Tomorrow is a Chance to Start Over’ the perfect bedtime story – CD combination.
-Today’s Woman


Come & Go:

CBC Music First Play
Vue Weekly
BeatRoute Magazine
The Star Phoenix
Vernon Morning Star
L.A. Beat
Red Deer Advocate
Comox Valley Echo
Alberni Valley Times
Regina Leader Post
The Province
North Shore News
Vancouver Music Review
The Manitoban
The Barrie Examiner
The Queens Journal
CBC East Coast Music

‘I find the music of Hilary Grist joyful and fun. Full of energetic, feel-good, quirky pop, Grist a compelling singer and melodic writer.
-Bob Mersereau, CBC East Coast Music 

‘…one of the most creative singer-songwriters in Canada.’
-The Barrie Examiner

‘It is such a rarity to come across a robust, cohesive album – one in which each song truly sounds like it has been handpicked and nurtured by the artist. Canadian singer-songwriter Hilary Grist’s enchanting alt pop album, Come & Go, is one such anomaly. Each song distinctly carries its own atmosphere, as if each were a living, breathing being, coming forth with its own story to tell. Grist’s airy voice is ethereal and lends a transcendental quality to her music, but her songwriting is universally relatable and poignantly human.’
-The Manitoban

‘Hilary’s delicate yet full-bodied voice sweeps you up quickly into the soundscape she creates using minimalistic instrumentation, moving through each song with an irresistible charm.’
-Gray Owl Point

‘One impressive outing.’
-New Canadian Music

‘Grist is a storyteller, leading listeners on a honey-dripped path of vignettes that explore the dualities of love and loss, beginnings and endings. Though her feet are firmly planted in the indie scene, her talent—and sweetness—are poised to blast off into the big time.’
-Vancity Buzz

‘Come & Go shows off her impressive vocal range and indie/soft-rock/folk blended sound. Grist’s vocals are pure, echoey, and graceful, and the subtlety and minimalism in the instrumentals allow her voice to be the driving force of the album.’
-The Permanent Rain Press

‘This was something we were immediately drawn to, Hilary Grist will steal your attention and hold on to it and within seconds, you’ve become a fan for life.’
-Fingers On Blast

‘The music on this album is fun and bubbly, but strong.  Grist has a heavy command of her vocal chords and her falsetto phrases will give you chills. The record will fit nicely into your collection if you have ever enjoyed a song or an album by Feist.  She is comparable enough to her fellow Canadian artist but she has carved out her own special niche with her own style of light – and heavy – hearted songs.’
-The Argus

‘Grist has a sound which is universal, engaging and charming. Each song on Come & Go draws you in and, before you know it, the album is playing over again.’
-The Reflector


‘Imaginings has a storyteller’s feel: Opener Stick of Dynamite is bubbly café-pop, Something Beautiful evokes the image of time spent in solitude, and Tall Buildings is a backwards-swept, hand-clapped and breathy portrait of the rat race in the city. Grist is already moving toward her cinematic goal.’
-Francois Marchand, The Vancouver Sun

‘Grist’s first studio project, Imaginings, may well be the start of her own Norah Jones-like career arc. She certainly has the goods.’
-John P. Mclaughlin, The Province

‘Grist uses all manner of keyboards on her album but her strongest instrument is her voice. It communicates both disappointment in its tremulousness and strength in its brightness. Thankfully, she does this without affectation, but there is a certain playfulness to her pop, which comes to the fore on “Tall Buildings” and “Save You For Last.” I wonder if Grist is a fan of early Randy Newman.’
-Tom Harrison, The Province

‘Hope Ms. Grist is ready to become a YouTube sensation…she definitely has the chops to keep people’s attention.’
-Alan Cross, A Journal of Musical Things

‘Imaginings is just that—it’s an album full of wonderful imaginings from the creative mind of a beautiful songstress.’
-Toronto Rhapcity

‘Hilary Grist topped the show. Her sing-alongs and face-to-face interaction with the crowd were phenomenal. Her voice is absolutely beautiful…a brilliant artist.’
-Vancouver Music Review

‘I overheard comparisons to Feist, which is of the utmost compliment. Her glimmering keys and haunting melodies caught my attention from way in the back of the room.’
-More Than A Feeling

‘Hilary had a fantastic energy and stage presence. Coming out from behind the keyboard, singing at the front of the stage, she was great and getting the crowd into it.’
-3am Revelations

‘Great production, effortless and clear vocals and hooks that dig deeper with every play. Solid songs from the heart produced with care. Can’t ask for more really.’
-Americana UK

‘Melifluous torch songs, supported by jazz and pop, with a big top romp for good measure. Superb instrumentation and production. And she’s multi-talented. Hilary cartoons her own music videos which are guaranteed to make you smile.’
-BC Musician Magazine

‘Cabaret cool meets ethereal pop, then gets subjogated by the wittiest lyrics to recent memory – welcome to Hilary Grist and her new CD, Imaginings. Best known as a CBC artist, Grist is a flexible, extremely talented and intelligent artist who’s impressed us with a cornucopia of skills.’
-Herizons Magazine

‘Grist switches up the arrangements considerably, even using a small marching band on one song. It all holds together beautifully, and shows Grist to be a wonderfully passionate and imaginative musician.’
-Olive di Place

‘My ears can’t resist Grist’s incredibly strong voice that I can’t help singing along to.  She’s top notch, make sure to check out more from her.’
-What’s Protocol?

‘Her new album, Imaginings, kicks off with Stick of Dynamite, which lead me instantly into a commercial from my day. Everything started smiling, movements choreographed, everyone hooked to the same beat – all this of course just for me.’
-Kick Kick Snare

‘A new female vocalist hot on the scene, Hilary Grist, out of British Columbia, brings the goods on her newest record, Imaginings. Grist leans heavily on her piano underneath a sultry, soothing voice for the flirtatious tunes. Instantly accessible but not without depth, Grist’s spirited sound will resonate with most every listener.’
-Knox Road

‘Hilary Grist is a Canadian chanteuse who uses her instrumental and vocal talents to woo the ears of those who would like Elizabeth Shepherd, Feist, Norah Jones, Death Cab For Cutie and Tina Dico – you should give her a listen.’
-The Blanket Reviewer

‘Grist voice is a mix of Rickie Lee Jones and Inara George (The Bird and The Bee). She sings from her guts, the piano bubbling under her lyrics, in the night club niche pulling cabaret chords from her bag of musical tricks…a class act.’
-Here Comes The Flood

‘Chances are if you haven’t heard Hilary Grist yet, you will hear of her very very soon.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled because she might be the next stranger darling under your radar.’
-Left Hip Magazine

‘What I like most about Hilary’s music is her slow paced approach, its very relaxing, and rare to be coming from a newer artist. Her singing takes prominence in the songs and make it special. In person Grist is a smiling spirit full of fun. It was a real pleasure to have her in studio.’
-Ryan Fletcher, Melodies in Mind (CJSF 90.1 FM)